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"What up, bitches. You know what to do."

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Room 503 [afternoon]
i can listen i guess
Had Puck meant to borrow his mom's car and drive through a convenience store while home before the beginning of the school year? No, not really. It hadn't been, like, something he'd thought about. But he'd thought about it over and over during his stint in juvie, since they gave you a lot of time to think about it.

Sure, he'd only been gone for three weeks, but he hadn't talked to Quinn or called anyone and he'd missed saying goodbye to Kate, so he wasn't exactly thrilled about any of it.

But he was back now, with his door open and his duffle bag open on his bed. He could unpack, but he was feeling sort of lazy now, and so packing really consisted of picking out socks
and leisurely throwing them towards his closet.

[open though with possible slowness!]

Room 503 [afternoon]
Now, initially, Puck had sworn and stomped around and been unhappy about the pony arrangement. Then he'd taken a look out into the hall, seen he was hardly alone in this, and realized that he might as well make the best of it.

He kind of dug the Star of David on his ass, too.

He'd first tried to figure out what ponies ate. That resulted in several crushed bags of Doritos on his floor, and a smushed Twinkie. Evidently, ponies didn't eat things that came in wrappers, as they didn't have opposable thumbs. Who knew.

After failing at playing video games, too (again with the opposable thumbs), Puck was now valiantly trying to lift weights. He'd managed to pick up one of his smaller ones with his teeth, but the prospect of managing to hold one of the bigger ones balanced on a hoof was proving pretty tough. But he'd woken up a ripped pony, if still a pony, and he wasn't letting a little transformation get him out of form. No, thank you.

[door open, minor SP in effect as I'll be at work (but pinging on my phone) for a few hours!]

NKOTB Cabin Alcove A2 [Wednesday afternoon]
Puck wasn't great at packing, no. He was good at thinking about what he wanted to bring -- in this case, an entire box of condoms on top of what he already owned, plus everything else he viewed as possibly necessary for a visit to one's girlfriend and hometown. He'd also grabbed a ski mask out of his winter stuff, since he was visiting Quinn's Lima and not his own, and might need to disguise himself from...himself.

But he was going to be eighteen on Sunday, and that was a big deal. So he'd also packed a list of things to buy once he'd hit the big day, along with his still-totally-illegal alcohol, and other controlled substances.

The clothes, really, were more the issue than anything else. Puck could have been fine in the same wifebeater and jeans for a week. Quinn, on the other hand, would object, and he knew that.

It was just a matter of fitting clothes in with everything else.

[open if you don't mind SP!]

Email sent to the student body (minus one) [Friday night]
there are girls he cares about
TO: [fandomhigh.list] (except Quinn)
FROM: npuckerman@fandomhigh.edu
SUBJECT: Quinn's Birthday!


I know we're all excited for graduation this weekend and all, but just as a heads up -- seniors, before you get all excited about leaving and stuff, Quinn's birthday's this weekend, and I'm totally throwing her a party on Sunday. 6th floor, there'll be cake, bring her a present or you'll hear about it.

And don't tell her I sent this out. It's kind of a surprise, ok?

- Puck

[if you think you got it, you did! yay, birthday shenanigans!]

Puck and Quinn's hotel room [Saturday morning]
little bitty noah: smilies
When Noah woke up, there was a girl in his bed. And even if he thought girls were generally sort of icky, he decided not to throw anything at her or put something in her hair to wake her up or anything. Because his room had so much stuff in it! Like this giant remote for the TV!

Noah poked around on the TV channels until he found hockey. "Sports!" he noted, shoving his thumb in his mouth. His daddy liked sports, and they were cool, so he could watch this even if he kinda thought hockey was dumb. Maybe Quinn would wake up later (he was pretty sure it was Quinn) and they could play outside later! With sticks!

[for the giiiirl.]

Room 317 [morning]
being this hot is tiring
So, Puck was asleep. That wasn't all that unusual: athletics aside, he was sort of lazy by nature, and Saturday mornings usually turned into Saturday afternoons before he was up. And Puck was curled around a girl, in a bed he hadn't slept in before -- and really, that wasn't all that unusual, either.

What was unusual was the fact that it was Quinn he was with, and even if he wasn't awake and conscious of it yet, that meant something. Something important. Something that would probably warrant Talking About Things.

It would be highly serendipitous if something happened this weekend to distract them from that fact, wouldn't it? Just saying.

[for a couple of young ladies, one of whom is much younger than the other. :D]

En Route to Town [early evening]
Today, there were two things that really defined Puck. One, that he was hungry, which was why he was venturing out in search of food.

And more importantly, that he was, as always, deeply unobservant. Which was why he had, naturally, not listened to the radio the night prior, and why he wasn't at all concerned about walking through town at all. So as he ventured out from the school, he was mostly concerned with shoving his hands in his pockets and swearing about the cold. It was hard to text this way, but he'd deal with that. He could still manage his basic vocabulary ('hi' 'crap' and 'panties' being some of his easier, most-remembered words.)

[for itty beasties.]

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Fry's land is once again being RAVAGED by thunderstorms. Optimistically, we're looking at her getting power back tomorrow afternoon. :(

She requests booze and for someone to draw circles with the baby. (Maybe not really but I am requesting things for her.)

Chupa Chup A3 [morning]
have you seen my arms?
Puck was nothing if not diligent about keeping up his physique. So, Friday morning found him in his alcove with his hand weights, doing reps.

Unfortunately, as always, the island had other plans, and one moment, Puck was lifting (and admiring his own arms) and the next, he was gone.


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